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Separatist movements in Cyprus

To understand under what conditions and is of separatism as it comes to ethnic conflicts and, in principle, which means that violence is a means to achieve the objective should be to analyze stories Cyprus from the beginning. It should be noted also that Cyprus is one of the last episodes fight Christians and Muslims in the Mediterranean and one of the last traces of the Turkish expansion in Europe.

Greeks live longer Cyprus from the thirteenth century BC For more than 2 thousand. years, this island was under the influence of Greek culture, Roman and Byzantine. In 1191 have been seized on by krzyżowców, which led to its separation from Prawosławnej Greece. In 1570 the Turks conquered the island. Settled there, people totally different from indigenous, which quickly and adjusted asymilowała to the ethnic structure of the island. The Turks do not want to drive systematic islamizacji forced or busy area. Nevertheless, the Cypriots took a significant part of the faith, not to be perceived as second-class population. For nearly 300 years of rule by Turks brought to a partial collapse and depopulation. This has led to dissatisfaction on the part of the Greeks, who in 1821 wzniecili uprising. Turkey has ordered the retaliation hang Patriarch of Constantinople at the gate of his house, and the Archbishop of Istanbul on a tree on the market in Nicosia. In addition, 3 were killed and 400 bishops notabli greckocypryjskich. As a result of these actions began to spread that idea to join Cyprus to Greece, namely Enosis (Megha idea).